Saturday, 29 September 2012


So I've not blogged in a while, guess I was enjoying the hot summer we had (WHAT?), but I'm now back in the game. Task for the Autumn/Winter is to have more productive weekends, and this started last weekend when I went back to the parental cocoon and they took me to Blenheim Palace for a wholesome day out.

The word 'picnic' was bandied around so I went full throttle and made a Mediterranean Picnic Loaf to take with us. So delicious I almost cried. We picnic-ed in the freezing cold/blazing sun (a curious combo), took a look round a house that's too big for its own good and drank coffee that we queued half an hour for and drank in two minutes. We also got lost in a maze but I don't want to talk about it.

The day was concluded at a lovely little Turkish restaurant in Bicester where I ate haloumi and lasagne and taught the waitress how to do polka dot nails. Thanks parents. 

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