Sunday, 29 April 2012


Despite his fed-up little face, I've been a little bit in love with this Aida print since I saw it in my friend's boss' house (we were dog-sitting her two naughty yet adorable Cockapoos) and finally popped down to Nelly Duff on Columbia Road today to buy it. I was very excited. So excited that I forgot I didn't actually have any money, but hey, what are overdrafts for? 

'3D Wolf Pink' 
Available at Nelly Duff

Can't wait to get my wolfie framed so it can watch over me while I sleep. The lovely Jerry pointed me in the direction of Beach on Cheshire Street who do cheap frames, but they only do black so I'll either be painting it white or turquoise. (Though I know whichever I choose, I'll wish I'd done the other.) Here are some other Aida beauts (check out the glitter on the zebra, dreeeeeeeeeamy): 

'Zevra - black background'
Available at Nelly Duff

Available at Nelly Duff

Saturday, 21 April 2012


If I was a musician, this is the type of music I'd love to make. (I'd also have an anonymous David Guetta-style side project which catered for cheap euphoria junkies who just wanted to spin like loons on the dancefloor.)

Hooray For Earth are a trio led by Boston native Noel Heroux who make really joyful music. The stuff that sort of rips your heart out a little bit. But in a good way. 

Catch them touring (briefly) at the start of June and download the single True Loves on the 18th June. Or just get the album of the same name which is available now. I can't get enough of it. In fact I'm gonna do a pre-night out room tidy to it. Sick. (In my bin.)


Monday, 16 April 2012


Twenty-one year old Brad Oberhofer named his Brooklyn-based band after his family name (and why the bloody hell not when your surname's that good?) and describes their sound as 'coincidence pop'. (If I ever start a band I'm going to describe our genre as 'panda pop.')

They tweet happy shit on their Twitter and their background is a dream so I like them already. 

They also have nice artwork. I'm a sucker for nice artwork, so I miss the whole process of sitting on the floor looking through the inlay whilst you play a CD for the first time. Never thought I'd be getting nostalgic for CDs, does this mean I'm old? Pipe down, that was rhetorical.

Coincidentally, Away Frm U is the single that caught my eye (ear). Catchy McCatcherson. Watch.

Oberhofer's debut album Time Capsules II is out today on Glassnote Records.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Shit son this man is hot. I've had the pleasure of interviewing him and I can confirm he's just as hot in real-life, and his Southern drawl is a dream. (Plus he's such a gent that he pretended not to notice me tripping over my own feet. Smooth.) He also swore we'd met before and it took all my strength not to yell, "WE HAVE! IN MY DREAMS!" Ultra smooth.

Anyways, here's a shoot of his I found in an old Wonderland (September/October 2009). So good. I actually remember buying it from a newsagent on Brick Lane then sitting in Cafe 1001 and flicking through it whilst eating veggie burger and wedges from the BBQ downstairs. What a cliché - and what a rite of passage for newbies to London, non...? 

Incidentally, Chace stars in What To Expect When You're Expecting, out on 23rd May. I recommend. 

Wonderland (September/October 09)
PHOTOGRAPHY Alexi Lubomirski

Monday, 9 April 2012


Going home for the Easter weekend meant finally sorting out the crap that I'd left years ago in my bedroom at my parents' house. And 90% of that crap was old magazines. Which I naturally flicked through. For ages. Here's what I found in a November 2007 issue of i-D. Dogs helping to showcase togs. Yup.

i-D Nov 2007
Photography - Nicholai Fischer
Styling - Sam Ranger

HAPPINESS... contained in this 60 second advert. Fills me with joy joy joy, so much joy. Even if it is for an energy company.
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