Thursday, 20 June 2013


There's a skateboarding elephant and I don't know about you but that's a huge thumbs up in my eyes. As are karaoke-esque lyrics.

I saw Splashh live at Cargo in London a few weeks ago and enjoyed the trippy visuals, moshing kids (moshing to this, c'mooooooon!?) and lost/drunk/mid-life crisis laden businessmen jumping up onstage and looking waaaaay pleased with themselves. There are a lot of sad-eyed businessmen appearing at gigs who I want to pat on the head and tell them everything will be okay.

Feels Like You is out 8th July.


Swim Deep have made a brand spanking new video for the re-release of King City, sticking two fingers up to the grim Birmingham of the old vid and cruising into the desert Americana-style for the new, more polished promo. They're basically living the American road trip dream. I'm concerned they don't have enough snacks or water though. Their car should be full to the brim with sour Twizzlers, pickle flavoured potato chips and all the other amazing shit you can only get in America. 

Incidentally, I have the video girl's swimsuit from my stint at American Apparel, still with all the tags on. I was obsessed with it but it but the smaller size wasn't long enough so I had a permanent hunch and the larger size was too baggy. #firstworldproblems. Naturally I kept it to get out and look at every now and then. (Much like the majority of my 6 inch heels.) Might just post my swimmers to her. It would look better where she lives than doing laps in Clissold pool anyway.

p.s. is it me or is drummer Zach turning into the girl we all want to be?

King City is out 29th July.
Debut album Where The Heaven Are We (I've got it and it's got all the amazing summery vibes you'd expect it to) is out 5th August.

Thursday, 6 June 2013


An artist and a swimwear brand? Match made in Heaven. Alls I'm saying is that now this collection has been released, I need this arrow print set to replace my current lane-swimming attire. A one-piece just ain't me (I look like a flat-chested dork) and crop combos are where it's at when it comes to swimming for sport. Gotta look stylish when making a splash.

Shame this two piece will set me back £120. Think I'll stick to what I got. Even if Miss Margot does have the best surname... :(

Top, £75, Auria X Margot Bowman @ Urban Outfitters

Bottoms, £45, Auria X Margot Bowman @ Urban Outfitters

Check the rest of the collection in Margot's old blog post here


Pawws aka Lucy Taylor aka ASL Records' latest signing aka beauts girl with a beauts voice is releasing double A side Time To Say Goodbye/Slow Love. Her brand of 80s-esque pop perfects the whole happy/sad thing which I am ALLLLLLLLL over. It's always nice to have a high in the low, huh?  

In this age of flash in the pan reality music show stars, it's nice to see people emerge who've done it the hard way. And who have actual real-life talent. Ya na? 

Time To Say Goodbye/Slow Love is released 15th July.
More Pawws here

Saturday, 1 June 2013


My first instinct was to raise my eyebrows and wrinkle my nose in distaste, but then the harmonies kicked in (I'm such a sucker for a harmony) and my heart started dancing. I gave it a few listens. And gave in. I love it. However much my brain didn't want to. (2Pac luvvaz gna h8 out of respek. 2Pac hologram luvvaz gna luv. Beyonce/Jay Z luvvaz gna be undecided.)

My crystal ball has just vomited up a hazy, slightly sweaty vision of absolute euphoria in festival dance tents the world over. AND I'M IN IT.

No release date yet so keep a beady on their Twitter. (America probably needs time to get over how much they love I Love It.)


"Been low but I've been higher."

Bipolar Sunshine aka Manchester's Adio Marchant (former member of Kid British) has just released the video for Rivers, the lead track off his EP Aesthetics. Ever since ASOS tweeted the link to the song I've been listening to it on repeat. It's my favourite sort of sad/happiness with a chorus that instantly transports your mind to a lush patch of grass in the sunshine.

EP Aesthetics is out 17th June. 
He's playing an EP release show at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen on 20th June.
Check his Facebook here.
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