Wednesday, 31 July 2013


The Naked and Famous are back! Whey! Hearts Like Ours, the first single off their second studio album doesn't have the immediacy of Young Blood but still packs a punch in the euphoria department and will sound amazing at festivals. Their music works well enough alone in your bedroom but the real magic happens when you're stood outside in a crowd of thousands of people singing along desperately as night sets in and smoke swirls the stage. Haters gonna hate but The Naked and Famous specialise in crowd music - if you go to a festival refusing to enjoy anything that more than 300 people are at then you're denying yourself something special. 

I was so overwhelmed when I saw these guys at Melt in 2011 that I thought I was going to burst. I was the highest/lowest/emptiest I'd ever felt all at once and didn't know how to deal with it. So I bit my friend. Repeatedly. On the shoulder. (Don't stand near me at gigs.)

Hearts Like Ours is out 9th Sep.
Album In Rolling Waves is out 16th September.

Monday, 29 July 2013


Best find of Secret Garden Party (apart from discovering one of 2manydjs was husband hot) was Dan Croll. Worst find was realising my friend was a psycho about getting to stages early (LOVE YOU JERRY) but I'm glad she was militant about getting to the crazy beautiful Where The Wild Things Are stage to catch this electro-ey folky mix of loveliness. I felt too broken to stand up so I sat alone on a fence with some rum and let myself be soothed while my friends danced. (Always find it a bit suffocating that the only time you get to yourself at a festival is usually whilst avoiding other people's shit smears in the portaloos.)

Dan's Soundcloud has been stopping me from listening to London Grammar all day whilst weeping into my pillow (ain't post-festival apathy just divine?) and this is my favourite - The Very Best remix is also uh-mazing.

Find out more here. Oh and Londoners, he's playing The Lexington on 13th August. I'm off to hook myself up to an IV of Vita Coco and hope for the best.

Saturday, 20 July 2013


Despite looking pretty bedraggled most days (every time I go to the hairdresser, he asks whilst scalping me, 'Have you started brushing your hair yet?') I am a big lover of dressy dresses. Dressy dresses that I can dress the fuck down. Case in point is the white knitted deep-v (front and back) spaghetti strap maxi that I purchased from a blogger purely to ogle on a hanger. 'cos there ain't no place for that in the dive bars I frequent. 

It took all I had to wear my recently purchased multi-coloured Nasty Gal maxi to a wedding as I felt over-dressed (as over-dressed as you can feel in a backless, deep-v). But I did it and the results can be seen below. It was 100% silk yet on sale and I wore flats and everyday hair and I ended up climbing trees and breaking out guard dogs and sneaking mini quiches up to my room, so...

My point is that I love a dress that I'll only wear once (if at all). And this For Love and Lemons creation ticks all the right boxes. Such a dream. Come to mama.

Photos stolen from Purse n Boots.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


My fondest memories of Phoenix are watching them at Field Day a few of years back - the sun was going down, they were on the main stage and I felt like life was amazing. (I thought my world was just beginning that night but I ended up eating a late dinner in a Mare Street kebab shop before spending many lost hours in a grotty flat in Hackney with temporary bezzies.) Anyway, Phoenix bring back fond memories of when I first moved to London, with big dreams and small pay cheques. And loads of foxes sunbathing in my Clapton garden. Love them. (Phoenix AND the fox cubs.)

This video is pretty uninspiring until you learn that it was shot live with full takes of the song. Only then does it become impressive. 

Trying To Be Cool is out now, off the album Bankrupt.


Just today I did a little poop that London Grammar were on the Secret Garden Party bill (only found out yesterday I got accreditation so hadn't wanted to get excited before) and now they've dropped a new song. TIMING. 

This will sound amazing in the hazy, dusky magical world of SGP. I. Cannot. Wait.

Strong is out 1st September.
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