Thursday, 22 August 2013


Recently discovered Twenty One Pilots (aka Columbus duo Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun), then became obsessed with their song Guns For Hands (I'm talking Nike+ power song obsessed) and soon worried that I was overplaying the song. Then lo, the clouds parted and down came a remix sent from on high. Or er, Dzeko and Torres. Whoever they are.

Had to give it a few listens as my brain initially couldn't handle the song being turned into some sort of dancefloor classic. Which obviously on paper sounds TERRIBLE, but weirdly works in real-life. The lyrics are clearer despite the thumping 'chew your face off' beats and I've gotta say, I'm pretty sure the increased tempo helped me hang my wet washing faster. Always a bonus. (I used Persil if you were wondering...Oh you weren't?)

Hoping to catch Twenty One Pilots at Reading at the weekend, plus they're playing their record label's summer party next week so that's two shows in the space of five days. JESUS, I'M KEEN.

Their album Vessel hits the UK on 2nd September.

Sunday, 18 August 2013


My hometown has just acquired a Waitrose (we're getting a Topshop and Wagamama soon too - oh modern life!) and on my weekend visit back to the motherland, I insisted we take a family trip to the new food mecca. On entering, Mum optimistically grabbed a large trolley, which only ended up transporting three quiches, a bottle of fabric conditioner, a box of cherries of these bad boys.

Ever had to make the tough decision between buying coconut water or an iced coffee? No, me either, but just in case that ever happens, here's your answer. A fusion of coconut water, espresso and milk. And cocoa if, like me, you're not yet grown-up enough to enjoy the putrid taste of coffee sans some form of sweetener. 

According to my most knowledgeable friend Google (he usurped Encarta many moons ago) Coco Cafe was started up on the beaches of Santa Monica, CA in 2011 by BFFS Brian McCaslin and Elan Eifer. Then Vita Coco (aka what I can be found buying hungover whilst wearing sunglasses and a haggard complexion) invested in 2012 and shazam - the rest is history. Sweet, hydrating, caffeinated history.

Nutrition fans can check the below. All everyone else needs to know is that this is my new favourite ready-to-drink. In fact, I never had a favourite ready-to-drink coffee product before as I think they all taste of vile UHT-ness. Starbucks coffee is pretty offensive in the first place, let alone when it's in a tiny glass bottle parading around next to limp supermarket sandwiches. 

The cynics among us may question the hydrating properties of a drink containing coffee but pipe down and let us unhealthy-healthies have our caffeinated fun, yeah? I don't have many vices but I now have a mild coffee dependency (thanks long commute, you little turd) so this could be the (potentially expensive) answer to my prayers. Now will someone make a crisp that's mega healthy yet tastes exactly like a Kettle Chip?

RRP £1.99. Available from Waitrose, Amazon, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and independents.

Saturday, 17 August 2013


It's taken me a good few day to get my head round this. One of the most unlikely collaborations in music history, non? For the Coachella goers who saw R (can I call you R, R?) perform onstage with Phoenix, this remix with R Kelly's additional vocals may seem natural. But for the rest of us - WTF. (I love it.)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Say what you like about Panic! At The Disco (praise the Lord they brought that exclamation mark back eh?) but this is such a good video. Real great choreography. In my humble opinion you know. Plus whoever suggested the wind machine during the surgical manhandling deserves a pay rise.

Was a bit concerned after hearing Miss Jackson, their first offering from their fourth studio album - it was a bit new-age Fall Out Boy, non? But this second release has lifted my weary spirits. Dunno about you, but the vocoder heavy verses take me right back to that fraught Imogen Heap soundtracked OC season finale where Marissa, ya know, accidentally chucks a bullet around a motel room. Normal.

The intensity of this song is timed well with the band's recent admission that drummer Spencer has left the current tour to enter rehab for prescription drug and alcohol addiction. From the sounds of it, this may be the most heartfelt, honest album yet. Hopefully the record company pleasing show tunes of the first couple of albums will all have gone, and in their place will lay gems like this.

Either way, take from this what you will but never give up yeah?

The band's album Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! is out 8th October

Saturday, 10 August 2013


Oh holy night, this is the best King City remix I ever did hear.

Definitely, definitely recommend checking out the rest of II Figures' SoundCloud.

Friday, 9 August 2013


Now THIS is the sort of feminism in the Western world that I'm down with.

Renaissance Girls is out 24th September.
Oh Land's album WISH BONE is out 3rd November.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Myself and my colleagues make regular trips into H&M Kids as it's the only form of H&M we have near our work and we've discovered many a wonder inside. Not only did I once find the perfect £2.99 iPhone case but my more petite colleagues have been known to purchase the odd items of clothing...Anyway, on this occasion, I fell in love with these, erm, plasters. 

Now usually I'm more of a 'let it breathe' kind of girl but on taking a rather nasty iron burn to a festival aka germ city recently I indulged in some neon plasters I had left over from a hen do and rather enjoyed the colourful addition to my wrist. So I was rather excited to find these beautiful little woodland and animal themed dressings.

Being prone to accidents (my legs look like I regularly walk through barbed wire) I'm sure it won't be long before I get showcase my new totally age-appropriate additions to my first aid kit.

£1.99 for 10 plasters, H&M

Monday, 5 August 2013


MGMT are b-b-back! I normally listen to new songs without watching the video first but I couldn't take my eyes off this. So I watched it again. And again. Safe to say I was mesmerised. Probably because I'm exhausted and the sight of a singing dolphin and euphoric embryo in the space of a 2:06 video was utterly magical. I think I'd like to watch this in a dark room on a late night. Over. And over. Until I get sectioned.

Without the video this song is a little over-too-quick blah although to be fair to them, it's just a wee taster. Though I fear they may never get back the sparkle of their heady Time To Pretend/Kids days (the Soulwax remix of Kids makes me high just thinking about it) but hey, at least they're doing better than the Klaxons. (Except for that one that married Keira Knightley. He landed on his nu-rave feet.)

MGMT's self-titled third album is out 17th September.

Saturday, 3 August 2013


Now I'm not usually one for dwelling too long on the remixes on Soundcloud as some of them can be a bit...questionable. But since coming back to the real world with a huge wet slap following a truly magical time at Secret Garden Party, I've been clawing onto the memories of London Grammar's Sunday night set by rinsing their Soundcloud. And I came across this recently uploaded gem of a remix of their latest single Strong. I'm not a big dupstep girl (despite playing a lot of dubstep remixes to please the drunk Essex crowd at my old Whoreditch clubnight) but this is a nice way of making London Grammar playable during a DJ set without the crowd getting confused and crumbling into leaky-eyed drunken messes. I LIKE.

p.s. I definitely fell in love with singer Hannah at SGP. As did the whole audience. She's definitely that girl that girls want to be and guys want to be with. I was so happy that they played at night as her voice in darkness surrounded by the creaky branches of the Where The Wild Things Are stage all swirled into something really, really special.

Strong is out 1st September.
Debut album If You Wait is out 9th September. *insert hilarious joke about not being able to wait here*

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