Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Now there's something about Erin Wasson that mesmerises me - maybe it's the fact I rarely see a photo of her smiling, maybe it's the laidback 'give a shit' vibe she gives off, maybe it's purely 'cos I want her hair. I'm not sure. Alls I know is bitch always got me coming back for more. So when I saw she was doing a collaboration with one of my favourite Aussie brands One Teaspoon, I did a little 'yerk' of excitement.

The crew flew to Venice Beach to shoot the label's first international campaign 'Love Cats', with Erin and One Teaspoon's James Blakey styling and Ben Sullivan taking snaps. Looks dreamy. Want me those tie-dye trousers. Oh, and some of that Mexican beer.

  Photos by Ben Sullivan

Check back at One Teaspoon for when the collection goes live. Oh, and to watch the Love Cats movie. But I don't dig those fashion shorts so much.


Okay I get it her real name's not Shoshanna but she plays her so well. Yes, I'm talkin' 'bout Girls, my new obsession. Watched an episode on the plane after 21 Jump Street and didn't find it as funny (come on though, seriously, what could be funnier than 21 Jump Street...?) so forgot about it until my dear friend Jerry send me a crazed text saying she's watched the whole season in one go and was like omgz totes obsessed (lol).

SO ANYWAY. I watched it, got hooked, and liked and disliked most characters in equal proportions at various points throughout the show. Then on my internet stalk of the cast (Hi Lena Dunham, I love you) I stumbled across this pic and what hey? It turns out Zosia Mamet isn't actually a neurotic, wide-eyed New Yorker keen to shake off her virginity -  she's a regulation smokin' hot babe, as seen here in this shoot for Bullett mag! Love. Her.

Pic from Bullett magazine

Monday, 23 July 2012


Meant to write about this ever since I got back from Texas but you know, I got busy (watching Girls and pretending to tidy my room.) Saw this at an Austin Cinema East night one Sunday on an outdoor screen at a running track. We were there because a friend of a friend had done the make-up for the film, and knew absolutely nothing about the film besides that, but game for anything, we handed our two bucks over, rolled out our blanket and cracked open some rum.

Half-expecting to have to endure the worst film of our lives (besides Beastly. And What Women Want) we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves laughing hysterically for the entire film. (Expect for the awkward and drunken actor/director Q&A at the end...in which my friend refused to go to the loo in case the [latest] love of her life and star of the film Keith Poulson showed up.) (He didn't.)

It's surreal and funny yet also moving - three things which maketh a film in my eyes. This trailer doesn't do it any sort of justice but I'll put it on anyway.


Saturday, 21 July 2012


Props to this nameless Croatian couple, these are the bestest wedding photos EVER. If I get married, I want photos like this, not posed cheesy awkwardness - something to look back on when you're old and soaked in your own wee. You can squeeze each other's frail, crepey hands and think, 'Shit son, we did good.' (Check for rocks first though, 'til death us do part and all that.)

Photos stolen from here

Friday, 20 July 2012


This isn't just noise. This is 'ho shit let's go crazy it's Friday night and I have so much pasta in me but I'm still gonna dance and spill my rum and cherry coke everywhere' noise. Happy Friday. May your dancing round your bedroom be as sweaty as mine.

Why is this not available in the UK? Contacting their PR on Monday to beg for it.


Monday, 16 July 2012


My old housemate introduced me to Aled Lewis' Toy Stories prints via a photo of this cushion although we didn't know for ages who the artist was. Until today. I am now adding the below murderer print to my wishlist. God, I'm such a sucker for animal funnies.

All art by Aled Lewis.
Check out more of his work here.
Resist the urge to buy everything here.

Saturday, 14 July 2012


I'll admit it, I have a thing for homeware. It makes me feel wholesome and happy and yeah, yeah it's all material shit but I LOVE IT. For a while, I've been wanting a nice water decanter (I'm always thirsty and when I work from home, the trips to the kitchen to get water are all too frequent) and then a nice jug to make iced tea in (every time I go to America I come back wanting to only drink iced tea forever more). I've been looking for a wee while and found the jug of my dreams on Jasmine Way:

Handmade Rose Portugese Glass Jug, £44, JasmineWay.co.uk

The issue here though is the price. £44. For a jug. Unfortunately on my freelance wage, this is out of my league. So my Mum, bless her soul, gave me an, ahem, similar alternative when I went back home last weekend. This 90s bad boy from Malibu:

Now I've twice been accused of being drunk after drinking from this jug so it may have some sort of holy water into wine (water into Malibu) properties. I'm also in the process of trying to scrub the labels off a litre bottle of Bombay Sapphire so I can use it as a water decanter. Rustic. (Cheap.) Then I can reserve the Malibu jug purely for iced tea and pray it turns the contents into Long Island Iced Tea. Yeah yeah yeah. YEAH.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Uh-mazing collab and uh-mazing collection. Got my eye on the crop mesh tee I 'ave.

The Dark Knight Rises is out 20th July and the Lazy Oaf collection drops Friday 13th July. Unlucky for some. Not for you.

In related news, here's their office dog Merv rocking his own comic book threads.

Saturday, 7 July 2012


How I've only recently discovered this band is beyond me. Lead singer Dan's voice is a thousand shades of beautiful. I've been listening to their hauntingly amazing Other People's Heartache EP constantly since I downloaded it (get it free here) a couple of weeks ago, and their City High cover stirs so much more in me than the original.

Big love for their tune Sleepsong too. As someone on You Tube commented - 'I don't understand how every single song can be so fucking brilliant'. Me. Neither.

New single Bad Blood is out 20th August. The band are playing festivals throughout the Summer and are on tour in October.

Monday, 2 July 2012


Heard this gem of a cover while I was off gallivanting in Austin, Texas. I remember being in a car, sceptical at first, but the song soon lured me in, with the warm night air and highway whizzing by. Perfect.

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