Tuesday, 24 December 2013


'If you've ever woken up with kebab in your hair say HELL YEEEEEEAH!
If you've ever smuggled vodka in your handbag say HELL YEEEEEEAH!'

Love this girl. And not just because she owns the two cutest dogs in the world. Whinnie Williams (aka Jade Williams aka ex-Sunday Girl) has made a 10 track mixtape with standout tracks being Chav At Heart  (the HTML coding here was going beserk at the way the title is actually written, soz) and a cover of the Arctic Monkeys' I Wanna Be Yours. Plus it's a free download - what a Christmas treat!

All pooch pics taken from Whinnie's Instagram. You can also see more pics of her cute doggies here

Sunday, 22 December 2013


This song excites me so much. Ever since Zane Lowe first played it a few weeks ago I've been champing at the bit for the guys to put it up on Soundcloud and not only did they do that but they made it a free download!

It won't let me embed for some reason and I've got better things to do than try and hack it so you're just gonna have to click here to listen (and download). It's worth it - it's an absolute dreamy, dark beaut.


Thursday, 19 December 2013


Be still my beating heart. I never used to be bothered by this little scamp but something about his face has changed and he's exuding an aura of loveliness. Especially in the sneak peek shots of the new Burberry campaign. Shining bright like an angel amongst all the other homegrown talent that the fashion label have offered up to us for SS14.

Look at that face. Meltier than a Lindor.

The full Burberry campaign and collection will be flying in your face from 3rd January.

Thursday, 12 December 2013


I now work from home three days a week, which means working from my messy bedroom. Whilst I know I'll never have a pristine living space (I've got too many sentimental knick knacks for that) I do like to keep my desk tidy. Tidy desk, tidy mind and all that. On one of my desk tidies this evening, I discovered a scrap of paper buried beneath tax return paraphernalia and teen mags that simply said, 'White Blush - Wish'. And this is what Lisa from the past wanted me to listen to:

Lovely, isn't it? The dreamy song is by LA-based Carol Rhyu who moved there from Chicago to attend film school, which she later dropped out of to join a synth band. I'm really glad she did.

Check out her Soundcloud and follow her on Twitter.

Thursday, 5 December 2013


Wasn't sure what to expect after their debut single Trouble, but I sure as hell wasn't expecting this. I LOVE IT. Wanna hear it at a massive warehouse party. I'd settle for making up a dance routine to the chorus in someone's front room at an after party.

Photo by Bella Howard

Currently listening to this loud on repeat as I get ready for the inaugural #pubthursdays. The Newington Green massive got so excited about it that we gave it its own hashtag. #losers

Braveheart is out 19th January 2014. 

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