Sunday, 18 September 2011


One of the joys of my job is putting together the release schedule (I lie, it's tedious, very, very tedious) but being the good girl that I am, I always Google any artist whose name I don't recognise. Just in case they're the new teen pop sensation. More often than not, they're not, but I have uncovered some absolute gems for my own personal listening. Most recent of these discoveries was Icona Pop, a Swedish popstrel whose debut Manners should be played to all teens before they embark on any kind of romantic relationship.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


One of myself and my colleague's favourite past-times is to browse through the Men's board on the Select website. It's like shopping for boys. We don't do it at work so much anymore after getting caught and being called 'perverts' by one of the designers. But it's still something to do when bored (followed by looking on the Daily Mail website and filling your basket on the Urban Outfitters website then not buying any of it.) So tonight as I twiddled my thumbs, did shots of Lemsip and failed to make a cherry tart due to lack of cherries,  I found myself on the Elite Men's board. And here's who I found. Brace yourself. He's a Class A babe. HI JAMES SORRENTINO!

Swoon town. Serious.


So I walked about 2 miles from Charing Cross station last night so I could check out the brand spanking new Monki concession in Selfridges...and was bitterly disappointed. The amazing long-sleeved peach knit maxi and perfectly-hanging white crop tee my Danish friend Camilla got me a couple of years ago had me all hyped up for this brand but they didn't deliver yesterday. Except for these bad boys...

Boots, £60, Monki

They're the type of boot I'd have stomped around in when I was 16, trying to get into bars with my 10 year-old face and 12 year-old body. And my taste has come full circle - I WANT THEMMMMMMMMM. Look at them. Beauts. Absolute beauts. 

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Sometimes musicians come along that truly take your breath away - Benjamin is one of them. I've only recently discovered him and am so excited to be seeing him play at a special Oxfam gig. He makes beautiful, melancholy, sleepy music that makes me want to curl up to sleep on a faux fur throw in front of a dying fire whilst someone plaits my hair. Dreamy.

His debut album Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm is out now.

Monday, 12 September 2011


So I just added The Breakfast Club to my 'films I really should have seen by now and people gasp when I say I haven't but I finally watched it like right now' list. I liked it for three reasons - the character of Allison, the constant use of everyone's favourite Simple Minds track and Claire's pearlescent rose nail varnish. Dreamy.

I liked her before the makeover. That hair was a bird-tastic dream. And such lovely kohl-lined peepers. Ah well. We all have to change to get kissed by the jock. (They could've found a hotter jock, I mean, I fancied the geek the most out of all of them.)

Check those nails! Used to buy similar pearly polish from Bob and Pat's in Aylesbury when I was but a pre-pubescent teen experimenting with being all girly and shit.

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