Wednesday, 12 December 2012

PEACE - WRAITH (video)

Been obsessed with this song since it bubbled out of Soundcloud and was curious to see what they'd do with the video...OH THEY WENT THERE.

Twerkin' 9-5. If only they'd got Lady. Mmm hmm. She could be your ice age sugar.

Peace release Wraith on 13th Jan.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


"In the stillness of remembering what you had. And what you lost."

I've been SO excited ever since Bastille announced they were doing another mixtape. The original Other People's Heartache was so fucking good and this has lived up to my expectations. And then some. Gabrielle Aplin's voice on their Fleetwood Mac cover of Dreams is in-fucking-sane. My neighbours and housemates can verify that I spend 90% of my waking day singing along to my music but her high notes are something else and I'm not even gonna try and go there. Her voice is incredible. My favourite track by a mile. 

Other standout tracks are their covers of TLC's No Scrubs, Frank Ocean's Thinkin Bout You and Calvin Harris/Florence Welch's Sweet Nothing. God I love a good mixtape. This is all I've been listening to since yesterday. I can't wait until my leg heals and I can dance again. I'll be twirling around my room to most of these. Come on bone, you can do it.

Download it here for FREE. 


Two good things happened last night. One, I had a really good veggie burger and two, I saw Seasfire live. Both happened at Hoxton Bar and Grill. I get quite passionate about veggie burgers as so many people don't get that vegetarians still want a burger with all the trimmings, just without the meat. Not hard to understand menu writers, not hard to understand. Best I ever had was P.Terry's in Austin. I think that's why I'm in love with Austin so much. I fell in love with a patty.

Anyways, not here to talk about burgers, we can do that another time. Yesterday, as well as playing a really good set, Seasfire also released the video for the lead track off their EP. Nice and dark, like their music. It's got ballerinas and a toooooouch of poutiness. I love ballerinas as they look so dainty and elegant, yet have such insane body strength. I was hoping Angelina Ballerina would make a cameo but it wasn't to be. 

Really want a burger now.

Thursday, 6 December 2012


Marie Claire did good in their December issue beauty. As much as I love Charlotte Free's candy floss coloured hair, I feel bad that she'll probs have to keep it like that forever to get work as 'the pink-haired girl'. Poor bebs. Way too tired to scan in my own issue so here's some of the editorial courtesy of people less lazy than me. 

I did take a pic of the 'cosmic caramel' one though 'cos it was my favourite look and I couldn't find it on the internet (God guys, thanks for nothing). I'd totally be recreating that this party season if a) I wasn't rocking a leg brace and crutches right now (don't really need any extra 'look at me' factor) and b) my skin wasn't so crap. This look definitely requires a flawless base not a pizza face. Veggie supreme anyone?

PHOTOS: Jason Hetherington
STYLING: Lisa Oxenham
MAKE-UP: Sam Addrington @ Kramer + Kramer

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

M83 - WAIT

This track on Hurry Up, We're Dreaming is weird because much of the album makes me feel so euphoric, like I might burst before I'm able to go out and do all the 101 amazing things it makes me feel I can do, but this one makes me sit down on the end of my bed and feel desperately, desperately hollow and sad, like nothing's quite right with the world and nothing ever will be. EMO, RIGHT? And this video kind of portrays that. Make of it what you will, you've got a brain, you've got emotions to project, they're  in there. Somewhere.

The end of the video is much like the transition on the album though, there's some hope that the little boy has crashed into some kind of good place, and thankfully Wait flows into the jolly Raconte-Moi Une Histoire (won't lie, had no idea it was called that, I just know it as 'the one with the kids and the frogs') rather than being the last track of the album and leaving you in the lurch feeling like shit forever. 

This visual treat was the last in the collaborative trilogy between M83 and directors Fleur & Manu who also directed Midnight City and Reunion. The Creator's Project also stuck their oar in.

God I want a drink.


Now I've never rated Anne Hathaway before (Devil Wears Prada was the nail in the coffin, it was a struggle to finish that film, let me tell you) but I saw these pics from this month's US Glamour and instantly became her biggest fan. You heard, HER BIGGEST FAN. Her happy little face with her new funky little Les Mis hairdo and smokin' hot bod look kerchiiiiiing!


Though if anyone can explain why she has headphones that are clearly connected to nothing but her knickers, I'd appreciate it. Is it some metaphor for 'listening to your body'? (This is why I got top 5 in the country for A Level Communication Studies, for coming up with bullshit like that. The examiners drank. It. In.)

Catch Anne in the film adaptation of Les Miserables, in fact, as I write this she's at the world premiere. Cheer up Anne.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Aw heel yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, it's that time again! The season where women everywhere suddenly turn into magpies and only want to wear stuff that's covered in a) sequins b) glitter or c) ALL OF THE ABOVE GOD DAMMIT. I personally had purchased a rather delightful black and gold sparkly over-sized midi dress from Monki and was going to save it for the ole work Christmas do, but seeing as I can't go anymore, I might just wear it as a nightshirt. And maybe pour wine and food over it as that's what would have happened at the work party.

Anyways, Theme Park have made a lovely Christmas party mixtape ('s not really a tape is it? But I guess 'Christmas party mix that you can stream on Soundcloud' doesn't have the same ring to it) which will ease your guests in gently with some Solange while you pass round the canap├ęs. You know, the out of date mini mince pies you found hidden in your stingy flatmate's cupboard and the Tesco Value cheese puffs you poured into a plastic bowl. Once your guests have warmed up, they'll be invited to get loose to such disco classics as Funkytown (here's where it goes a bit office party DEEEEEEJAAAAAAY), then it slows down again so those lucky enough to have lured a hotty onto a free sofa (winning at life) can legitimately make a move. Then the d-i-s-c-o comes in again. Mixtapes, like life are like rollercoasters and you just gotta ride it.

Not the tunes I'd have included but then I've always been a selfish DJ; as long as I'm having a good time I couldn't care less about everyone else (book me?). Plus, I personally would have mixed in a bit of Beauty and the Beat in the middle to piss off the faux DJs who were claiming this as their own work. But that's just me. 

I'd totally play this at my mulled wine soiree though:

The boyz are playing Electrowerkz in London this Thurs (6th) but it's sold out. Chin up though, they're playing Heaven on March 14th. Get your tix quix.

Follow Theme Park.
Listen to Theme Park.

Monday, 3 December 2012


Dunno who the hell this Maria character is or why her gold/rhodium plated earrings cost so much (£69 is steep for someone like me who loses a lot of jewellery) but I had a giftcard for to use and they suddenly had a 20% off day so I was jolly well going to get rid of the credit before I accidentally threw it away. (My mum once mistakenly binned all her wedding rings after wrapping them in tissue 'for safekeeping' so it's in my genes.)

I'd had my eye on these for a while (I'm lying, I wanted the all gold ones but by the time the slow coaches at My-Wardrobe customer service sorted out my gift card issue they'd gone out of stock, THANKS GUYS) and thought I'd treat my lobes to them as they don't see much action these days. I'm more of a 'stack the bracelets and rings up then throw on a necklace' kinda girl. But sometimes, when the day's right i.e. I haven't washed my hair and it's in a topknot, then the time for an earring presents itself.

I had a fairly close-up shot of the earrings in my ear but looking at it made me retch so I can't imagine how you'd feel. Ears are gross. So I swapped that for this. I'm not one for posing for selfies, that's also gross. MY GOD, EVERYTHING IS GROSS.

Check out more of MariaFrancescaPepe here. (She does a ton of stuff that the 'I've just moved to London and Mum can't see me now' gays in Dalston Superstore would die for. Safety pin cross earring anyone?)

Sunday, 2 December 2012


God I love these. Mari Kasurinen is a popart artist from Finland and has transformed My Little Ponies into film characters and celebrities. I want one so bad but they've all sold out. If anyone can track me down Edward Scissor Pony I will love you forever. Look at him!! Imagine a toddler unwrapping that under the Christmas tree. LOLLERZ. 

Here's the best of the rest.
She has a rather swell website with other bits and bobs too. 

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