Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Aiden (Grimshaw)'s back! Sans surname, avec snake. He's been quiet on Twitter of late and scared all his followers last night by tweeting 'Goodbye' then deleting his account. Whilst teens all over the land were frantically trying to find out if he'd killed himself, he was busy setting up a new Twitter account and whizzing his latest track over to Wonderland ready for them to premiere it today.

Aiden proved he was no pop puppet with his debut Misty Eye (Nothing At All is a personal standout track) and this new song distances him even further from the X Factor stage we first saw him on. Let's be honest, he never belonged there. And pretentious music snobs would be all over this if they didn't know who'd made it. Don't deny it, beardy.

Satisfy Me is out 26th November.
Aiden now lives here on Twitter and here on the web.

Monday, 28 October 2013


This is lovely. Except it's the sort of song that needs to be listened to in a candelit, perfectly tidied, calmly zen room. Being the messy sort, I can only do the candelit bit but I know once I sort my room out on the 5th Never that this little ditty will sound even better when I curl up on my bed to listen to it. It's perfect 'chilled out slinky'. (That's a new genre by the way.)

Every Night is out 9th December.
Find out more here.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


'I want you in the worst way / But I don't have a car.'

Zoe Kravitz and the rest of Lolawolf clearly don't live in London as our rather brilliant transport connections would ensure she could quite easily go and get nasty with the subject of her affections. But then again, if she had TFL behind her this wee little nugget of sensual synth pop would never have come about.

Lolawolf and Reputante (the band who make up the rest of Lolawolf) are playing Shacklewell Arms, London on 13th November. Keep an eye on their Soundcloud for more music. Hell, maybe they'll get a website or something soon. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Say Lou Lou aka Swedish/Australian 21 year old prize babe twins Miranda and Elektra Kilbey have released their third single Better In The Dark and it's just as beautifully melancholic as its predecessors. These girls specialise in haunting sorrowful sounds and as much as I want to see them live, I feel like it needs to be after dark somewhere like the Where The Wild Things Are stage at Secret Garden Party and not at er, Concrete where they're playing on the 13th November.

Oh, and I really want the satin shirt and dress in their press shot. Ultimate dreamy luxe. Gaaaaaaaaaaah.

p.s. D'ya know what else is better in the dark? Bikram yoga. And festivals.

Better in the Dark is out 16th December or available as part of a bundle on 25th November. Gonna level with you - no idea what this means.

Monday, 21 October 2013


Sorry to be a girl about this but JESUS CHRIST, THIS GUY IS HANDSOME. Turns out he was in a Burberry campaign with that cute girl from The Three Musketeers. Okay, shallow session over. No wait, did I mention his real name is Andrew and that his nickname 'Roo' comes from one of the cutest inhabitants of Hundred Acre Wood? God, sorry.

Anyway, this folk song is really quite lovely, and would be quite comforting for many people I imagine; Roo's idea is that home is not a location but a 'contentment with life' and cherishing the people around you. In his words - “I guess I don’t care about what, when or where, cos I’m starting to realize the question worth asking is who?” A lovely sentiment. And an excuse to go travelling for long periods of time with one of your favourites. SEE YA! 

Home From Home is taken from Roo's EP Land of the Living which is out 2nd December. 
Find out more on his Facebook.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Many years ago, my Friday nights were spent at the Antelope in High Wycombe, downing vodka and Monster in the hope of mustering up the courage to speak to the hawt-diggedy-dawg local boys who we'd Facebook stalked to oblivion, but more often than not we just got sweaty dancing to pop-punk on the glass-strewn dancefloor then ate cheesy chips after. (As pathetic as we sounded, it all worked out for the best as my friend ended up marrying one of said boys this summer.) Anyway, my High Wycombe reminiscing comes from the fact that these fresh-faced kiddos hail from that very town.

Ironically calling themselves Coastal Cities as good ole HW is the furthest point from the sea, these guys have made a cracking single that conjures up wistful memories of summers gone by, yet sounds just as good under a raincloud as it does a blue sky. Guitar pop perfection for your blustery evenings. Big up the Bucks massive etc etc

Summer Reign is out 18th November. 
Listen to their Soundcloud here.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


I love a music video with a good narrative. And one that reminds me to do my tax return within the first 15 seconds. Maybe that cat can sort out my shoebox of receipts. I'm not feline too good about the prospect. Poor old Penny though, eh?

Two Chords is out 18th November

Saturday, 12 October 2013


Wise words. We all need to worry a little less and love a little more. Wish I'd caught this guy at Reading but he was on too damn early. Needed my recovery time. Coffeeeeeee.

Love More Worry Less is taken from Bipolar Sunshine's Drowning Butterflies EP which is out 11th November.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Not a fan of this polished, re-done version of their mixtape favourite but I bloody love the video. Watching dead people sing is my favourite thing.

This is going to be overplayed and ruined by radio stations, isnt it? DAMN YOU.

Of The Night is out 25th November. Bastille's repackaged album All This Bad Blood is out the same day.


This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Made even more impressive by the fact that the melancholy vocals come from two sisters under the age of 18. Lily (16) and Madeleine (18) from Indianapolis only started putting their music onto YouTube last year, but were soon snapped up by Sufjan Stevens' label Asthmatic Kitty to make a full-length release of their forlorn folk pop. With a sorrowful outlook way beyond their years, it really is the stuff of dreams. Increeeeeeedibly sad dreams.

With Madeleine just starting college and Lily still in high school, these are two talented sisters with their feet firmly on the ground. For now.

Lily & Madeleine's self-titled debut album is released on 29th October. 

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