Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I get loads of music press releases in my job and if they're not relevant to Bliss (boyz in 'bandz'), they get filed into my 'Non Bliss' folder and listened to at leisure. Now I remember getting one about Alice Jemima, giving it a two second read and being uninspired. Then weeks later I heard her song on the radio and really liked it. And now I can't stop singing the 'cos you make me a little bit better' line. 

Girl, you proved me wrong and I'm sowee. This is lovely.

She has a website and she tweets. What more do you want?

Monday, 26 November 2012


So last Thurs, lured by the promise of Sailor Jerry's (gimme rum gimme rum) I popped along to The Photocopy Club at Beach London where photographers from all over this big bad world had submitted photocopies of their work. 

Here are some of my faves:


At the end of the night, you could buy the work off the walls. I bought the girl on the swing (and felt a little weird asking someone to rip her down, I felt like a hooligan). It makes me think of high summer in America. Maybe she's gonna jump off the swing and run inside for some fresh lemonade. It's by Declan Corbett from Two Islands Collective. Here's her temporary home on my wall until I decide what to do with her. Was thinking of framing her but I quite like the rustic 'shoddily tacked onto the wall' thing.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Cute cats Lazy Oaf have launched their capsule collection for the par-dy season, ohhhhhhh yeah. I love a good two piece, catch me dancing on a table in Dalston somewhere in the outfit in the second pic. Yessssss please. (Such tosh, I'd need half a bottle of Sailor Jerry's to give me the confidence to wear that much bodycon.) Here are my faves from their lookbook. Shop the rest here.


Last time I checked this had 2277 plays and I think 1000 are mine. Don't ask me why but I wasn't expecting to like this. Dunno if it's 'cos I liked their last couple so much that I thought to love this would be a bit much to ask. Boy, did I prove myself wrong when I hit play. So good. Need to see these guys live, stat (yeah I know, English people can't get away with saying that).

Also, I just discovered you can change the colour of your SoundCloud widget. I went for pink to complement the leopard print. If you're gonna go kitsch you GO kitsch, you know?

Wraith is out 13th Jan. Pre-order that shit. And e-stalk Peace here. (Just kidding. Here.)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Heard this on Amazing Radio tonight (where the only thing that isn't amazing is the local radio-esque DJs) and it stopped me in my tracks. My tracks being folding up clean clothes and squashing them into the doorless shell I call my wardrobe, but that's by the by.

This song is a haunting beaut - next time I have a break-up/someone dies/I discover Costcutter has sold out of tortilla chips, I'm going to creep into my bedroom, quietly close the door, curl up by the radiator and listen to this over and over and over.

Listen to more Eddi here.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


This video is so mesmerising. You instantly get that mellow, sleepy feeling you get whenever you listen to more than 5 secs of any Tame Impala track. My eyes are closing as we speak.

I can see hypnotised snakes dancing to this.

p.s. From now on when you catch me staring into space, this is what's going on in my head.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


My friend Jerry brought this to my attention today. Terry Richardson must have been saving these, hoping and praying that Obama would be re-elected so he could casually throw them on the table like, 'Oh what, these? Just a little something I did when 'bama popped round. Nothin' special.'

Barack's gone down a little in my estimation 'cos Terry Richardson is such a dawg, but then I highly doubt he cares what I think. He's the murrrrrr farkin' president (again) biiiiiitch.

Wonder if T-Rich made him get his winky out? :(

P.S. Spacing is bad on here 'cos I'm on my parents' vintage computer and it ruins lives. And blog posts.

Pics stolen from here

Monday, 5 November 2012


I've been looking for the perfect vase ever since I finally admitted to myself that I had an addiction to buying 'reduced to clear' flowers from supermarkets and the M&S flower hall. I was trawling through Fearne Cotton's Twitter pictures (genuinely can't remember why) and saw an amazing vase that she'd been given for her birthday. After an extensive Google, this was all I came up with, from a company called Tozai.

At $58, it's a little too steep to be a gift to myself, so I'll continue my eBay/charity shop browsing for the vase of my dreams. Until I get rich/someone buys me this/I get lucky at the Islington Reuse and Recycling Centre, obvs.

They also do a water pitcher and a milk jug in this design. Too amazing. The whole set would be a bit much though, non?

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Just re-discovered this cuter than cute baby pic of my lovely Nanny (RIP) and her absolute corker of a teddy. She grew up in Dalston so this was probs taken in Bardens. Or at the back of Ali Baba. Or you know, on a night bus. Major quirky points for that bonnet - haven't seen anyone wearing one of those down Kingsland High Street yet. She was so ahead of her time God love her.

Thursday, 1 November 2012


I write this from my freezing cold bedroom with a window that's permanently ajar, so all I have to say is that I love need this Acne snow coat. It looks so cosy, so thick, so squishy, so padded, soooooo it's everything I need this Winter. The Swedes know cold better than most and they sure know how to dress for it.

A hood is a must, especially if you're a cyclist and this hood is so spacious it wouldn't look out of place on a monk's habit. And the lining? Perfection. It's the little things. Obviously I won't be buying it due to its £560 price tag but a girl can dream. Of warmth. And snuggliness. Brrrrrrrr.

Coat, £560, Acne


So my Halloween doesn't stand out as being particularly unique but it was mega fun to me as I've been stuck in my house since collapsing through my front door on Sunday after aggravating a leg injury by deciding it was a good idea to run (and finish) Run To The Beat (you want to sponsor me? How kind!). I give myself props for stubborness but absolutely nothing for common sense. An afternoon spent in denial (there was lots of crying and hopping...and crying) followed by a quick (as if) trip to A&E where a girl laughed at me for hopping (hope she died from whatever she was in there for) and I left with crutches, euphoric painkillers (don't be jealous, the high is swiftly followed by extreme sleepiness) and an appointment to see a sports injury specialist. Fingers crossed he's hot like in the movies, eh? Maybe it'll be a Fast Girls situation? Yeah, maybe not.

So you see, my evening of veggie burgers (discovered my new favourite - Birds Eye), rotten toffee apples, pumpkin carving and Hocus Pocus was the highlight of my week. Even if my housemate did say that Sarah Jessica Parker's character in said film reminded her of me. 


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