Sunday, 5 June 2011


So I'll admit, I only watched this film because I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is aesthetically pleasing. (Can't get enough of that Asian fusion.) Plus Lynn Collins has this natural beauty about her in the film that makes you just want to stare at her face and wish you looked like that.

It's basically the Sliding Doors-esque idea that the smallest thing can have the biggest impact on your life - in this case, choosing to sack off going round your Mum's for lunch means you find yourself testing your fitness as you race around New York with a phone you found, avoiding the shots of a gunman. (Karma's a bitch.)

I think this is a film that needs another watch. And I can't decide what I'd think about it if the leads weren't pretty. But being the geek I am, I researched the film after and found that all the dialogue was improvised. Impressive stuff. Plus there's a lot of background on the dog that features in the film. And I love dogs.

Watch the film, then indulge your inner film buff here.

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