Thursday, 12 December 2013


I now work from home three days a week, which means working from my messy bedroom. Whilst I know I'll never have a pristine living space (I've got too many sentimental knick knacks for that) I do like to keep my desk tidy. Tidy desk, tidy mind and all that. On one of my desk tidies this evening, I discovered a scrap of paper buried beneath tax return paraphernalia and teen mags that simply said, 'White Blush - Wish'. And this is what Lisa from the past wanted me to listen to:

Lovely, isn't it? The dreamy song is by LA-based Carol Rhyu who moved there from Chicago to attend film school, which she later dropped out of to join a synth band. I'm really glad she did.

Check out her Soundcloud and follow her on Twitter.

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