Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Daniel Radcliffe talks to me

‘HEY! Nice to meet you, I hope my breath doesn’t smell, let’s get in bed.’

LONG STORY but back in 2012 I was flown over to Dublin for BLISS mag to do a set visit on What If which is out today. It was my first time in Ireland and it rained. I was very cold. But I got to watch Rafe Spall pretend to punch Daniel Radcliffe over and over (and over and over). This bit's in the trailer - how exciting! BLISS is now dead so the film's publicist asked me to get this placed somewhere. Sadly he gave me very little notice at a time where I was working 8 days out of 7 (work it out). Mission: failed.

However, I went to the bother of transcribing it so it's being placed....ON MY BLOG. I've taken out all the boring questions and left the important ones. I hope I don't get in trouble for this ABSOLUTELY STONKING GREAT WORLD EXCLUSIVE ON MY BLOG WHICH HAS NO READERS. 

Hi Daniel. This is a very important question. Onset catering – nice or nasty?
“Generally very very nice but I am also guilty of sometimes skipping the lunch and having KFC or something like that which is the beSt thing in the world. I only had KFC for the first time this year. I have not stopped since discovering it. It’s the best thing in the world. It’s amazing!”

As teens, me and my friends used to go in and be like, ‘Can we just have the skin?”
“Oh yeah! So good. What is it I get? The boneless banquet or something like that?”

Oh yum. I’m vegetarian and I’m still salivating.
“But you’ll only eat the skin though? You’ll only eat the skin of animals. That’s your thing. [laughs]”

‘Skin only please.’
“Just flay it and give it to me.”

Is it weird when you meet your love interest for the film and you’re like, ‘Oh hey, so we’re going to have sex later, um…”
“Well that’s what’s funny because with Zoe it wasn’t awkward because, well, I don’t want to give anything away but there’s really none of that between me and Zoe for the most part of this film. But it was really awkward, there’s a girl called Amanda Crew who plays a character called [thinks] hold on a second, sorry [thinks] oh God, I can’t remember, she plays the girl who works in my office…LISA!”

Good name…
“There you go!! And the first day I met her, the first scene we did together was getting in bed together. It was like, ‘HEY! Nice to meet you, I hope my breath doesn’t smell, let’s get in bed.’ That’s kind of the extent that went to. But she’s really funny. I kept going up to our screenwriters because I…how many girls do I kiss in this film? I kiss like three or four women and they’re all beautiful and I kept going up to our writer and just saying, ‘Thank you, thank you for writing this script – this is awesome!’

So you’re getting paid to kiss hot girls?
“It’s a tough job.”

You could be a binman.

I know it’s been a while but do you ever find yourself looking around for your wizards?
“No, not particularly, no. It’s a different job. Even on Potter, I didn’t particularly but yeah I mean, yeah, no. What’s wonderful about having worked on something as big as Potter is that it’s very rare, it might even be impossible to go onto any other film in Britain or Ireland and not know anyone.”

Do you find it annoying that people (like myself) will always be like, ‘Harry Potter! Let’s talk about Harry Potter!”
“No, no! It’s a fact of my life, there’s nothing to be annoyed about. I might run out of interesting things to say one day but people can ask for as long as they like. As I’ve always said, I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of that and none of the opportunities that I’m now getting would exist if it wasn’t for that so it would be rather ungrateful to turn my back on it.”

What’s the worst thing about filming away from home?
 “No cricket on TV. It’s harder to keep in contact with people. It’s harder to see my parents, to see the dogs.”

What dogs have you got?
“Well my mum and dad have got 3 Border Terriers but one of them I grew up with all my life, I miss him. Oh, here it is – baked beans. Baked beans don’t exist outside of England. Not in the same way. Anywhere else you go to get baked beans it looks like something a cowboy spat on and roasted over a fire! The only good baked beans are in England so consequently breakfast is a lot less fun away from home.”

So are you a big fry-up fan?
“I would have it every day if I could.”

What’s in your ultimate fry-up?
“I actually have an answer for this, like I’ve thought about it quite a lot!! [laughs] Um, 2 fried eggs, baked beans, sausages, bacon and chips.”

“Yup, gotta have chips, gotta have breakfast chips.”

Oh okay, what like, the American style home fries or actual chips?
“Oh yeah, actual chips.”

Oh wow.
“And toast, obviously. And Lucky Charms! They would be in my ultimate breakfast.”

Do you pick them up whenever you can?
“Yup, I do, I pick them up from around the world because I refuse to pay £10 in Selfridges.”

Yeah that’s ridiculous.

“That’s…yeah it IS ridiculous! [laughs]


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