Monday, 13 October 2014


Now, I love food. I love food so much. It's what takes up 99% of my brain space and if I'm not eating a meal, I'm planning a meal. Or fishing some sort of snack out of the depths of my bag. Fluff-covered honey cashews? Yummmmmeh!

So when I've gone to the effort of making a badass sandwich ('cos no offence Pret but I ain't paying £4 on the reg for your dry baguette no matter how artisan it is) and find it either squashed due to the fragile caress of tinfoil or fallen apart thanks to ill-fitting plastic containers then I get sad. Real sad. But it looks like those days are numbered because LOOK AT THIS!

The Compleat sandwich bag rolls down to keep any size sarnie snug and then rolls away when you're done so you don't have that annoying thing of transporting empty containers across London. Plus it's BPA free (so you don't get all poisoned and that) and dishwasher safe (which won't affect you 'cos no-one I know has a dishwasher).

Only thing - not sure about the colours. Colour can really mess with your food and wreak havoc with your eyeball/tastebud relationship. (Just think about that cup of tea you got served up in a black mug. Tasted like shit didn't it?) I think I'd err towards the blue but would it make my avo sandwich look a little ill? Would my sriracha stain it? Would I have instant regretsy and wish I'd got the mustard? I JUST DON'T KNOW. GIVE ME THEM ALL.

If, like me, this shit has made your day then you can get your very own here. The makers also claim it makes a great make-up bag but don't do that 'cos that's fucking weird. 

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