Monday, 31 May 2010


I love the Sunday Times. Especially when a shopkeeper gives me a copy free in the wee hours of Sunday morning as I gallop merrily round his store looking for water.

This week's supplements were particularly good, especially the feature on Mariella Furrer. She's been documenting child sex abuse in South Africa since 2002 and has immortalised some seriously heartbreaking moments. Despite being prescribed anti-depressants three years into the project, she refused to give up; "I became depressed and couldn't continue. A social worker suggested I stop but I'd worked so hard on this, I just couldn't."

This is my favourite image. (Although it feels slightly wrong having a 'favourite' image of child abuse.) It shows a girl trying to escape the room in the clinic where she is having a medical check-up. She had been abused by her own relative.

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