Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I once read in a magazine that you're either a bag or a shoe girl, and that all girls with feet above a size 7 were bag girls. I nodded in silent agreement as I recalled all those times I'd been into a shop and passed the dainty little size 3 display shoes to the sales assistant only to get handed back an oaf-like pair of size 7s. I even have to hang my head in shame and ask for size 8s sometimes.

But hey, I got over it at about the same time I got over my A-cups and now I love shoes. They make me want to vomit with desire sometimes. Especially anything black and wedgey. I've also got over the fact that I'm pretty fucking tall with heels on. Feeling like a giraffe has its high points (geddit?!).

But anyway, I digress. Despite their associations with Chloe Sevigny (who I dislike for absolutely no reason), I've become fonder and fonder of Opening Ceremony. And these shoes are TDF as my acronym-loving friends would say:

Opening Ceremony lace-up rope wedge $470

Opening Ceremony ankle boot clog $520

Opening Ceremony leopard gladiator (really??) sandals $415

Now all I need is a wodge of cash...anyone?


  1. I have the Stefania's (top) you can borrow them :)

  2. Oh shut upppppppppp! Come down here and let me wear them!


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