Saturday, 26 June 2010


Secret Cinema last weekend was insane. So insane, I'm still raving about it. To anyone who'll listen. Arriving at Canary Wharf, I located my friend and joined the gaggle of curiously dressed people milling around the area. Having no idea what was in store for us, we waited in line until some fabulously dressed air hostesses descended on us and our journey began.

Sitting on the blacked-out coach being ID-ed by the over zealous detective, I still had no idea what film we were about to see. Even when we arrived at our destination and were swooped on by immigrants trying to sell us used mattresses and toilet seats, I was still none the wiser. The little dwarf men smashing up the car didn't give much away either...until we shuffled into the warehouse and I realised we were in Chinatown, Downtown LA...we were in Blade Runner! Embarrassingly, I hadn't seen this cult classic but knew the setting and Vangelis soundtrack off by heart due to my younger self's obsession with the computer game and my father's obsession with the soundtrack.

By the time we left, I'd held a python, had the best falafel of my life and finally added Blade Runner to my list of watched films (in the best possible setting).

Oh, and I developed a huge girl crush on the replicant Rachel. Absolute babe.

Sign up at Secret Cinema to keep up to date with their latest goings on. Looking forward to the next event - they set the bar very high this time so I'm excited for what's to come...

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