Monday, 12 September 2011


So I just added The Breakfast Club to my 'films I really should have seen by now and people gasp when I say I haven't but I finally watched it like right now' list. I liked it for three reasons - the character of Allison, the constant use of everyone's favourite Simple Minds track and Claire's pearlescent rose nail varnish. Dreamy.

I liked her before the makeover. That hair was a bird-tastic dream. And such lovely kohl-lined peepers. Ah well. We all have to change to get kissed by the jock. (They could've found a hotter jock, I mean, I fancied the geek the most out of all of them.)

Check those nails! Used to buy similar pearly polish from Bob and Pat's in Aylesbury when I was but a pre-pubescent teen experimenting with being all girly and shit.

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