Monday, 16 April 2012


Twenty-one year old Brad Oberhofer named his Brooklyn-based band after his family name (and why the bloody hell not when your surname's that good?) and describes their sound as 'coincidence pop'. (If I ever start a band I'm going to describe our genre as 'panda pop.')

They tweet happy shit on their Twitter and their background is a dream so I like them already. 

They also have nice artwork. I'm a sucker for nice artwork, so I miss the whole process of sitting on the floor looking through the inlay whilst you play a CD for the first time. Never thought I'd be getting nostalgic for CDs, does this mean I'm old? Pipe down, that was rhetorical.

Coincidentally, Away Frm U is the single that caught my eye (ear). Catchy McCatcherson. Watch.

Oberhofer's debut album Time Capsules II is out today on Glassnote Records.

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