Saturday, 25 May 2013


When my friend introduced Nasty Gal to me, I was immersed in a world of joy and we did a joint order immediately. Granted, by the time the box of treats arrived I'd forgotten what was in it, but that's what you get for choosing the cheapest transatlantic shipping option. So when I heard that Brit brand Lazy Oaf were doing a collab I did a little dance of joy.

Video lookbooks rule my world (so long as they're not cheesier than a cheese flight) especially when they're shot in ye olde bowling allies like Rowans in Finsbury Park. Forget all the super kewl ironic bowling you can get up to around these ends (for a fistful of dollars), Rowans is like being transported back to your bowling birthday of 1996. We shot there once and the staff just looked on bemused the entire time, probably silently willing us to leave.

The collection launches on Tues 28th May riiiiiight here
I basically need all the watermelon stuff. Stat.

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