Sunday, 12 May 2013


Got taken to see Wardell at the Queen of Hoxton last Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised to discover via my pre-gig research (i.e. stage times so I know how long I have to eat my dinner) that they were supporting Sir Sly. Have loved these guys since I first heard Ghost earlier this year, so was pretty excited to see them live. On a Tuesday, the most rubbish day of the week.

After one ludicrously overpriced bottle of Becks, one lap of the Queen of Hoxton's roof garden and one sa-weeeeeeeeet Wardell set, the Cali-forn-i-a boys came on and proved they're even better live than via my laptop speakers. They also confirmed that their name is pronounced 'Sir Sly' and not some douchey way of saying 'seriously'. Juuuuuuust checking.

Latest track Found You Out is much poppier than their previous releases, and it took me a few post-gig listens for it to grow on me, but grow it did. Having said that, it'll never replace Ghost in my heart. That tune is an absolute beaut and a half.

Can't wait for a full length album. Definitely recommend seeing these guys live when they're next in your ends.

Get more here.
Soundcloud to your heart's content here.

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