Monday, 11 November 2013


Aw yeeeeeeeeah, they're back! The band released this with some stargazing app tonight but eff that, I waited for the Soundcloud. Nothing to do with my phone being too full to take even one measly photo. (Should have got more than 8mb shouldn't I? #povvo) Anyway,on first listen this track feels like it never really gets off the ground, but after a few listens it becomes clear that it will probably be a grower, much like their previous offerings. Which I adore. 2011's The English Riviera was the soundtrack to my er, 2011 French Riviera holiday which was a dream and a half. (It was also the holiday on which we discovered you could pan fry a pizza.) 

I'm assuming the rest of the band have drowned in the pink gloop?

My housemate has just come into my room and done the most horrific dance to this (there was thrusting) which I think means it's catchy if it was enough to lure him up the stairs.

I'm Aquarius is out now. 
New album Love Letters is out 10th March 2014.

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