Saturday, 29 January 2011


I saw this pic on They All Hate Us and realised just how much I want to go on another American road trip.
In the summer of 2007, after a stint at summer camp, I took to the road with my buddies Jo and Gen, eventually leaving our spiritual home of San Diego after an extended stay. We stocked up on animal crackers and juice and began our 331 mile journey through the desert. Despite the fact I hadn't driven in 3 years, had never driven on the motorway and had never driven on the right, it seemed like a really good idea.

And boy, oh boy, it was - long open roads, the GPS telling us to 'Go straight for 206 miles then keep left', drive-thru Starbucks, weird little diners, a lifetime's worth of snacks, breathtaking views of absolutely nothing, terrifying lane changes and a CD on repeat because we couldn't find an iPod adaptor in Rite Aid...Heaven.

May it all happen again soon. With animal masks.

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