Thursday, 6 January 2011


Oh God. I love a good piece of luggage. Mostly because I've never had a good piece of luggage. An over-priced rucksack that you have to completely unpack to get anything out of? Yes. A pretty holdall that's actually really awkward to carry? Yes. A battered suitcase borrowed off Ma that weighs more than my luggage allowance? That too. But never anything I'm proud to push people out of the way for at the luggage belt.

Which is probably why I've never bothered with luggage tags. I've always shoved a scribbled note with my address on into the bag/holdall/case minutes before checking it in, crossing my fingers that someone would find that scrap of paper if the baggage handlers sent it on a plane to Bali (when I was on a plane to Bahrain).

But this all changed when I went travelling with my buddy Alice and she noticed that my poor little (really not very little at all) rucksack was tag-less. So she got me a lovely gnome-themed luggage tag and passport cover set for my birthday (I'd never had a passport cover either! Que horror!). The next time I flew, I attached my luggage tag with pride. Even when I was sat alone on the floor at Stansted airport, trying to shove clothes in my hand luggage so my suitcase would comply with the 2kg Ryanair allowance, I was still chuffed with my little tag looking up at me (as my underwear and personal items lay scattered around me.)

So you can imagine I was pretty miffed when said tag fell off on the return flight. Boooooooooo!

I haven't had the heart (read: need) to replace it since, but when I stumbled across this tag, I knew I'd found the one:

If it falls off, I will weep and claim it on my travel insurance. (Will someone take me on holiday now please?)

Available from Kikkerland

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