Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I love ELLE. I would go as far to say it's my favourite magazine. It's the only one I buy religiously every month. I like Psychologies too, but that's more of a bonus read. And a light-hearted look into the human psyche. Anyway, I digress. One of the reasons I love ELLE so much is the covers. They're always so simple yet so beautiful. And I have every single issue I have ever bought stashed away under my bed. My favourite will always be Kate Hudson (April 2008) for its bright, summery vibes. This issue has the privilege of being displayed on my shelf instead of being stacked in a pile as it makes me so happy just glancing at it. You're immediately transported to your happiest sun-drenched memory. Bliss.

April 2008, UK ELLE

Coming in second is Britney (September 2003) for the gorgeous colour scheme and the hot hot hot Miss Spears. 'cos she was a Miss at the time. Not Mrs. Not Ms. Not hairless. Not fat. Just every boy's (and girl's) fantasy. Dreamy.

September 2003, UK ELLE

But ELLE's latest cover is definitely in the running for 3rd place. It's so classic and simple yet lovely, lovely, lovely. Their covers are never too busy and they use colour schemes like a dream. And I don't doubt that Keira's intricate bone structure has a lot to do with my love for it. Shot by Terry Tsiolis and in Tom Ford's new collection, she just looks babe-e-licious.

March 2011, UK ELLE

March 2011, UK ELLE.
(Subscriber's cover)


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