Thursday, 10 February 2011


I didn't really care or understand about the whole Li-Lo trial last year, but I did notice she had fabulous nails. Yeah, I just said 'fabulous', what of it?

I'm not angry enough for the 'Fuck U' but perhaps I'll appreciate that more when I'm being tried for DUI. The leopard print-ish swirl of bright colour behind is a dream for my eyes. Summer on a nail - when my hands are tanned and wrinkly, it'll look totes hot.

I also found this on WAH and fell in love. Not with the fruit so much, but the juicy stripes behind. Makes my mouth water just looking at them.

WAH also showcased these colourful claws - tie dye nails? Made. For. Me. Love a bit of bright tie-dye. Tanned skin and an over-sized tie-dye vest as a dress? Yes SIR.

I am so sick of being pale and waking up to grim skies. Winter is so last season. I'm ready for some sun.

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