Sunday, 31 July 2011


I remember being made to watch this film during a Drama lesson in Year 10. At first we laughed at the funny frozen people suddenly lurching to catch tennis balls but before long most of us had tears silently rolling down our cheeks. As usual with any film shown in school, I don't believe we got to see the end. I don't remember it anyway, so I decided to watch it again today on my day of ignoring the sun outside and staying in my cave.

I'd forgotten just how amazing Robert De Niro is in his role of Leonard, the patient brought back from 30 years of 'sleepy sickness'. He's right up there with Leonardo DiCaprio's portrayal of Arnie in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Robin Williams is also great as ever at playing a lonely middle-aged man. GOD THIS FILM MAKES ME WEEP.

In other news, I also spent the film thinking how much the nurse Eleanor (below) sounds like Marge Simpson. Well, after a quick Google, turns out Julie Kavner who plays her is indeed the voice of Marge. Husky.

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