Thursday, 28 July 2011


Got sent a Wasted on the Young check disc last week and sat down to watch it not expecting the violence and suspense I was presented with. Being based around a high school and involving horrific acts teenagers shouldn't be capable of, it draws obvious (and lazy) comparisons to Brick and Elephant. But there are some beautiful swimming sequences to give welcome relief from the nasty stuff. GOD I'M SUCH A GIRL. I loved the premise of this film but I hate violence. So so much. Watching someone's face get smashed in isn't my idea of fun and I'm usually affected by it for a good 24 hours (if I seem a bit out of it even after a coffee then chances are I watched a scary film the night before.)

In happier news, I developed a new girl crush on Adelaide Clemens. Her cutesy and innocent portrayal of victim Xandrie made the events of the film even more tragic.

But basically, the moral of this story is - school really sucks sometimes. Well...a lot in this case.

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