Monday, 4 July 2011


I love cheesy happy beachy films as like many people lucky enough to embark on a gap yah (or 2) I believe I truly belong in a beach community, surfing with friendly sharks and pretending that vegetarians can survive living at one with nature. (Mmm, leaves.) Having a penchant for cringey surf films is pretty handy when you work at a teen mag and get sent preview discs of BLUE BLOODY CRUSH 2. Or Blue Crush 2 as it's more commonly known. Why it went straight to DVD, I'll never know...

This song's in it and it's ruddy brilliant. The sort of song you hear in your head when you realise you're on the other side of the world sharing a euphoric moment with people you've only just met but who you feel like you've known forever. TOTES CRINGE. (Totes amaze.)

Blue Crush 2 is out on DVD on the 18th July. Someone buy it? Anyone?

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