Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Online beach lovers Beach Tomato finally flung open the doors to their shack of treasures last week, and oh what treasures they hold. All out of my price range and all unsuitable for the Arctic climes I'll be subjected to the foreseeable future but who cares because THEY PHOTOSHOPPED CUTE ANIMALS OVER THE MODELS' FACES. As well as giving you an animal fix at the same time as an online retail fix, it solves the age old problem of 'am I buying this garment because I like it or because I like the model's smokin' hot face?'

Well done Beach Tomato, well done you. 

p.s. the real pale girl? That's my friend Holly. She's the same colour as I like my tea, for future reference. (And half a sugar or some agave syrup if you have any.)

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