Thursday, 8 December 2011


Oh holy mother of fluoro, I just found the dream items for my wardrobe in the warmer months of 2012. Good old Christopher Kane has only gone and collaborated with those yanky J Brand kids and made a bloomin' neon line. I make no secret of the fact that as soon as the sun comes out and my skin is more Dairy Milk than Milky Bar, I'm all over tie-dye and brights. All. Over.

The collab has jackets, it has flared jeans but oh my, these shorts, THESE SHORTS. Need.

Shorts, £175, Christopher Kane at Net-A-Porter

Shorts, £175, Christopher Kane at Net-A-Porter

I've seen these beauties in yellow in Glamour mag but they're only available in this colour in the longer biker short. Which let's face it, isn't a style that flatters anyone. So come on Chrissy Kane, make my dreams come true and bring them out in the yellow. (As if I can afford this shit, I'll be buying the Topshop rip-offs.)

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