Tuesday, 6 December 2011


So I like to think I'm something of a mince pie connoisseur. I mean, I eat enough. And I am the daughter of a woman who makes amazing ones, so really, I'm an expert. I could do a degree in mince pie and probably do better in it than the one I did in English. So I've decided to review every pie that comes my way this festive season. As I have nothing better to do. God, I love pie.

Starbucks in Tunbridge Wells, £1.55 FREE
I won't lie, I don't even like Starbucks that much - ever since they took away the black cherry syrup two Christmases ago, I've been a Nero girl. However, their offer today of a free mince pie with any festive drink was too much temptation. (Though I discovered I don't particularly like any of their festive drinks. They're all a bit rich. And gross. Nice red cups though.)

The pastry was deeeeeee-lish and tasted pretty homemade. Any of you who ever worked as a wine girl at the Lucas World of Furniture would have compared the pastry to that of the buttery apple pies from Matozzas we used to scoff serve. This was a lovely deep pie, although there could have been slightly more mincemeat, and the mincemeat could have been slightly less bland, but what it lacked in these departments, it certainly made up for in presentation. What a pretty star, eh? And what delicately sifted icing sugar. The only thing that put me off was the grease eeking it's way through the paper bag but hey, I was consuming it with a big fat cup of coffee and lard so who was I to give a shit about calories?

Thank you Starbucks. That was nice.

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