Thursday, 1 November 2012


So my Halloween doesn't stand out as being particularly unique but it was mega fun to me as I've been stuck in my house since collapsing through my front door on Sunday after aggravating a leg injury by deciding it was a good idea to run (and finish) Run To The Beat (you want to sponsor me? How kind!). I give myself props for stubborness but absolutely nothing for common sense. An afternoon spent in denial (there was lots of crying and hopping...and crying) followed by a quick (as if) trip to A&E where a girl laughed at me for hopping (hope she died from whatever she was in there for) and I left with crutches, euphoric painkillers (don't be jealous, the high is swiftly followed by extreme sleepiness) and an appointment to see a sports injury specialist. Fingers crossed he's hot like in the movies, eh? Maybe it'll be a Fast Girls situation? Yeah, maybe not.

So you see, my evening of veggie burgers (discovered my new favourite - Birds Eye), rotten toffee apples, pumpkin carving and Hocus Pocus was the highlight of my week. Even if my housemate did say that Sarah Jessica Parker's character in said film reminded her of me. 


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