Monday, 5 November 2012


I've been looking for the perfect vase ever since I finally admitted to myself that I had an addiction to buying 'reduced to clear' flowers from supermarkets and the M&S flower hall. I was trawling through Fearne Cotton's Twitter pictures (genuinely can't remember why) and saw an amazing vase that she'd been given for her birthday. After an extensive Google, this was all I came up with, from a company called Tozai.

At $58, it's a little too steep to be a gift to myself, so I'll continue my eBay/charity shop browsing for the vase of my dreams. Until I get rich/someone buys me this/I get lucky at the Islington Reuse and Recycling Centre, obvs.

They also do a water pitcher and a milk jug in this design. Too amazing. The whole set would be a bit much though, non?

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