Sunday, 13 January 2013


Yeah yeah yeah, I know everyone's banging on about Judge Jury and Executioner which got its first play this week, but all I've been listening to is Default. Yes it might have been released four months ago and yes, I might be really late to the Atoms For Peace party but the important thing is I got there in the end. Better late than never. A mantra I live my life by. Hoping that others do too.

Cannot get enough of this track, and really looking forward to the supergroup's album Amok which is due out next month. Although it just makes me think of this type of amok...So hungry.

Oh and here's a dull story but a story I'll tell nonetheless - I once served Thom Yorke food at Big Chill. I couldn't tell you what he had, my memory doesn't stretch that far, but as the food choices at the hospitality deli were pretty limited, and he's vegan, it was most likely the Thai green curry. 'COS GOD KNOWS THAT'S ALL I ATE FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK. Hashtag vegetarian festival food problems.

Get more on the band here.

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