Wednesday, 16 January 2013


MUSIC SNOBS, LOOK AWAY. Go listen to some indie record that's much cooler than mine. (Like what I did there?) This is pure and utter pop, and everything that a good pop song should be.

The girl from Good Luck Charlie (weekend guilty pleasure whenever I can find a TV) has turned herself into a cool and edgy babe in this video, hanging out with her cool and edgy friends in cool and edgy LA with their cool and edgy new Polaroid cameras. I really want in on that gang, they look way fun. I miss the sun.

Any song that contains the lyric 'I like your face/Do you like my bum song?' (totally sounds like she's going to say bum) gets my vote. And guess what? THIS ONE DOES. Inspired.

But in all seriousness, give this three listens. In a row. Preferably in an open top Cadillac speeding down a Cali freeway. Or you know, shivering in your ex-council flat in Hackney, whatevs.

Bridgit's coming to break the UK this Spring and I'm gonna be there to greet her with open arms, yuh-huhhhhhhhhh! (But not like at the airport or anything. Unless, I dunno, anyone wanna make banners with me? I've got glitter.)

Click here for more Bridg'

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