Saturday, 1 June 2013


My first instinct was to raise my eyebrows and wrinkle my nose in distaste, but then the harmonies kicked in (I'm such a sucker for a harmony) and my heart started dancing. I gave it a few listens. And gave in. I love it. However much my brain didn't want to. (2Pac luvvaz gna h8 out of respek. 2Pac hologram luvvaz gna luv. Beyonce/Jay Z luvvaz gna be undecided.)

My crystal ball has just vomited up a hazy, slightly sweaty vision of absolute euphoria in festival dance tents the world over. AND I'M IN IT.

No release date yet so keep a beady on their Twitter. (America probably needs time to get over how much they love I Love It.)

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