Thursday, 20 June 2013


Swim Deep have made a brand spanking new video for the re-release of King City, sticking two fingers up to the grim Birmingham of the old vid and cruising into the desert Americana-style for the new, more polished promo. They're basically living the American road trip dream. I'm concerned they don't have enough snacks or water though. Their car should be full to the brim with sour Twizzlers, pickle flavoured potato chips and all the other amazing shit you can only get in America. 

Incidentally, I have the video girl's swimsuit from my stint at American Apparel, still with all the tags on. I was obsessed with it but it but the smaller size wasn't long enough so I had a permanent hunch and the larger size was too baggy. #firstworldproblems. Naturally I kept it to get out and look at every now and then. (Much like the majority of my 6 inch heels.) Might just post my swimmers to her. It would look better where she lives than doing laps in Clissold pool anyway.

p.s. is it me or is drummer Zach turning into the girl we all want to be?

King City is out 29th July.
Debut album Where The Heaven Are We (I've got it and it's got all the amazing summery vibes you'd expect it to) is out 5th August.

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