Monday, 29 July 2013


Best find of Secret Garden Party (apart from discovering one of 2manydjs was husband hot) was Dan Croll. Worst find was realising my friend was a psycho about getting to stages early (LOVE YOU JERRY) but I'm glad she was militant about getting to the crazy beautiful Where The Wild Things Are stage to catch this electro-ey folky mix of loveliness. I felt too broken to stand up so I sat alone on a fence with some rum and let myself be soothed while my friends danced. (Always find it a bit suffocating that the only time you get to yourself at a festival is usually whilst avoiding other people's shit smears in the portaloos.)

Dan's Soundcloud has been stopping me from listening to London Grammar all day whilst weeping into my pillow (ain't post-festival apathy just divine?) and this is my favourite - The Very Best remix is also uh-mazing.

Find out more here. Oh and Londoners, he's playing The Lexington on 13th August. I'm off to hook myself up to an IV of Vita Coco and hope for the best.

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