Saturday, 20 July 2013


Despite looking pretty bedraggled most days (every time I go to the hairdresser, he asks whilst scalping me, 'Have you started brushing your hair yet?') I am a big lover of dressy dresses. Dressy dresses that I can dress the fuck down. Case in point is the white knitted deep-v (front and back) spaghetti strap maxi that I purchased from a blogger purely to ogle on a hanger. 'cos there ain't no place for that in the dive bars I frequent. 

It took all I had to wear my recently purchased multi-coloured Nasty Gal maxi to a wedding as I felt over-dressed (as over-dressed as you can feel in a backless, deep-v). But I did it and the results can be seen below. It was 100% silk yet on sale and I wore flats and everyday hair and I ended up climbing trees and breaking out guard dogs and sneaking mini quiches up to my room, so...

My point is that I love a dress that I'll only wear once (if at all). And this For Love and Lemons creation ticks all the right boxes. Such a dream. Come to mama.

Photos stolen from Purse n Boots.

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