Sunday, 20 October 2013


Many years ago, my Friday nights were spent at the Antelope in High Wycombe, downing vodka and Monster in the hope of mustering up the courage to speak to the hawt-diggedy-dawg local boys who we'd Facebook stalked to oblivion, but more often than not we just got sweaty dancing to pop-punk on the glass-strewn dancefloor then ate cheesy chips after. (As pathetic as we sounded, it all worked out for the best as my friend ended up marrying one of said boys this summer.) Anyway, my High Wycombe reminiscing comes from the fact that these fresh-faced kiddos hail from that very town.

Ironically calling themselves Coastal Cities as good ole HW is the furthest point from the sea, these guys have made a cracking single that conjures up wistful memories of summers gone by, yet sounds just as good under a raincloud as it does a blue sky. Guitar pop perfection for your blustery evenings. Big up the Bucks massive etc etc

Summer Reign is out 18th November. 
Listen to their Soundcloud here.

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