Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Say Lou Lou aka Swedish/Australian 21 year old prize babe twins Miranda and Elektra Kilbey have released their third single Better In The Dark and it's just as beautifully melancholic as its predecessors. These girls specialise in haunting sorrowful sounds and as much as I want to see them live, I feel like it needs to be after dark somewhere like the Where The Wild Things Are stage at Secret Garden Party and not at er, Concrete where they're playing on the 13th November.

Oh, and I really want the satin shirt and dress in their press shot. Ultimate dreamy luxe. Gaaaaaaaaaaah.

p.s. D'ya know what else is better in the dark? Bikram yoga. And festivals.

Better in the Dark is out 16th December or available as part of a bundle on 25th November. Gonna level with you - no idea what this means.

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