Monday, 21 October 2013


Sorry to be a girl about this but JESUS CHRIST, THIS GUY IS HANDSOME. Turns out he was in a Burberry campaign with that cute girl from The Three Musketeers. Okay, shallow session over. No wait, did I mention his real name is Andrew and that his nickname 'Roo' comes from one of the cutest inhabitants of Hundred Acre Wood? God, sorry.

Anyway, this folk song is really quite lovely, and would be quite comforting for many people I imagine; Roo's idea is that home is not a location but a 'contentment with life' and cherishing the people around you. In his words - “I guess I don’t care about what, when or where, cos I’m starting to realize the question worth asking is who?” A lovely sentiment. And an excuse to go travelling for long periods of time with one of your favourites. SEE YA! 

Home From Home is taken from Roo's EP Land of the Living which is out 2nd December. 
Find out more on his Facebook.

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