Saturday, 5 July 2014


Justin Vernon is back with his first new material under his Bon Iver moniker since 2011, written for Zach Braff's latest indie offering (interestingly funded by Kickstarter), Wish I Was Here. I was cooking my dinner feeling pretty melancholy when Zane Lowe gave it the first spin on his Radio One show on Tuesday and the song matched my mood perfectly. In fact, I'm pretty sure my Italian beanballs came out better for it. Preeeeeetty sure.

It's easy to imagine this sitting nicely during a seminal moment in a Zach Braff film - the latest soundtrack features The Shins (why of course), Hozier and a collab between Cat Power and Coldplay. The trailer isn't exactly whetting my appetite but then neither did Garden State's and watching that felt like someone reaching in, tearing out my heart, wrestling with it a bit, then dumping it back in. Wet eyes man, wet eyes.

Also, I'd never been on the Bon Iver site before. It's really great.

Wish I Was Here has a UK release of 18th July. 
The soundtrack is released 15th July.

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