Thursday, 23 December 2010


That's a lie, any excuse for a pun-tastic title. This little fella wouldn't steal anything from anyone, look at his face! He's the latest addition (thanks to my lovely housemate Jimmy!) to my bedside table which is slowly being transformed into a woodland scene. Plants to be added in the New Year. A mini conifer would be ideal...

Meet the second newest member of the clan - the white hedgehog. Paperchase's finest (I lie, he's pretty badly made; his ears are peeling), he's pretty shy but likes to peer into the distance and offer me helpful hints about what clothes to wear. He's so quiet though, I never hear him.

Last but not least in the new member crew is this super chic and not at all tacky glittery pink fawn. Paperchase done good. (As always. And their tissue paper is much cheaper than WHSmith. Jus' sayin'.)

I love woodland creatures. Sigh.

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