Sunday, 22 May 2011


It's no secret that I love dogs. In fact, just the other day I got accused of flirting with a dog. (He was a beaut though, couldn't resist.) I believe the old adage that dog is man's best friend is more than true. Dogs cheer you up, they keep you fit and they foil attempted robberies...sorry, what?

See? Dogs are amazing. And Swedish House Mafia have the ability to make you want to go back to Ibiza even though you vowed 'never again' after the last time you went. Despite coming back from the White Isle last September with a hollow shell of a face (and soul), this canine creation has made me want to go back and get sweaty in a super club like the horrible person I truly am. Here's my holiday romance from my last Ibizan visit:

Albert. I'll never forget you. <3

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