Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Since getting my beautiful purse pilfered from my bag whilst twinkling on my toes at Scrutton St warehouse last year, I haven't had the heart to replace it. (Or the cash to replace my driving licence. But that's another story.) So all my cards and coins are stored in an old, grubby zip-up...thing. I refuse to buy something unless I fall in love with it. But I might just have fallen head over heels.

I love coral.
I love horses.
I love tiny purses.
Therefore I love this:

Suede purse, £10, Topshop

As you can see, I'm a girl of simple pleasures - designer purses do nothing for me. What's the point of adding more value to something that is highly likely to get stolen/dropped when drunk? I don't want to have to cry over the demise of my super expensive purse to the lady at Nationwide when drunkenly cancelling my cards (again) at 4am, do I? 

Neigh. Neigh I don't.

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