Friday, 6 May 2011


I'm not gonna sugar coat this - this post is merely half-naked pictures of a hot boy. And a picture of a half naked hot boy WITH A DOG.

So I stumbled across a smokin' pic of Adam Gregory in this month's Cosmo (perks of working at a mag - you get deliveries of other mags you wouldn't normally buy) and immediately ripped the page out to add him to mine and Charlotte's boy shrine. (Yes, we have a boy shrine around our Macs, what of it?) I then Googled him as I had no idea who he was and discovered the below pics. Oh my. Oh. My.

 via Just Jared

So apparently he's an actor. Whatevs, he's like the younger, more Cali-fied James Marsden. His biblical tattoo is very questionable and his teeth look veneered to the max but hey - no-one's perfect. (Swoon.)

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