Thursday, 26 January 2012


Saw this film at a screening a few weeks ago and was so glad I went alone and that there were very few of us in there - I was a-weeping. Silently, mind, but weeping nonetheless. The trailer and synopsis don't do this film any justice at all - shot in just under a month on a Canon 7D and for only $250,000, this is budget film at its best. Being shot on a consumer camera with unscripted dialogue makes it seem like you are merely witnessing real events rather than sitting in a cinema watching a glossy 'we know how this will end' Hollywood blockbuster.

Starring Felicity Jones (she's come a long way since The Worst Witch) and Anton Yelchin as a head over heels in love couple who are torn apart by immigration laws, the film follows their ups and downs over a five year period, showing that yes, love is indeed a bit shit.(It also features Jennifer Lawrence whose career is about to blow up when The Hunger Games hits cinemas in March.)

Perfected by Dustin O'Halloran's haunting score, the film is at times funny, at times euphoric, and a lot of the time, incredibly, incredibly painful. Don't judge it on the trailer. (Or on the fact that Felicity Jones was in Chalet Girl which was shockingly shit.) Like Crazy is in cinemas tomorrow. Go see. 

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